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Code five is an upcoming open world, horror action adventure video game in development by Co-forma for the PlayStation 3 . The development of the game started with a copy of Star Wars Republic Commando for the pc that they modded beyond recognition until it was a whole new game they nicknamed that mod "code 5" and from the ashes of that mod they took the storyline and the basic design of the game and began development on the real code 5. The development is being over viewed by Tim McDermott,and Mark Dessek The idea for the game was pitched by Nathan "useless" Michealsto Tim McDermott and was accepted with anticipation.The people currantly working on it are Mark ,Tim ,and Nathan.

the setting for Code five for the most part is played inside of a secret govornment facility designed to test the human brain to the brink and see how much it can bend, escaping from it is the main achievment of the first part of the game.

Characteryou play Patient 805 a more intelligent patient of the facility he has an I.Q. of about 250 and he can detect heartbeats because of these abilities the facility has taken a very keen interest in him.

Tim C. McDermott
Age: 14
Job Description: ceo/Counder/Writer

Mackenzie R. Mancuso
Age: 16
Job Description: Sends stuff to your desktop.

Matthew A. McDermott
Age: 16
Job Description: Graphing

Thor K. Bakken
Age: 16
Job Description: Takes pictures.

Nathan Micheals
Job Description: html expert and assistant programmer

Mark Desseck
Age:12 close to 13
Job Description: senior programmer

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CO-ORC is a puzzle platformer video game announced in october / 1 / 2010, based on chaos .In the game you play a small green troll like monster called "Nipper" and you travel the 2d wastes of "Klape" looking for armor and weapon upgrades. At the beginning of the game you are equipped with a hammer and a spear.